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  Capabilities of the "AX" Inspection Class  ROV:
  • Depths to 160 meters.
  • Capable of equipment recovery.
  • Ideal for inspection in tanks, drains and industrial ponds.
  • Colour video recording of inspections with data imprinting.
  • Tool sets for underwater manipulation.
  • Deployable in currents up to three knots.
  • Three-dimensional remote control.
  • Fluxgate compass heading Onscreen.
  • GPS location Onscreen.
  • Laser scaling video ruler.


  • Horizontal: two thrusters for forward and reverse movement.
  • Vertical: one centrally located thruster, mounted above the main hull
  • Side: one thruster centrally located for sideways movement.


  • Crew: two (pilot/boatmaster/technician plus one operations assistant).
  • The complete setup of the AX  ROV and crew fits comfortably in a five meter half-cabin power boat.
  • Your expert observer / engineer is welcome on board to assist with viewing observations.
  • Individual units can be manhandled where site access is difficult.

Camera System:

  • High-resolution 3CCD camera with zoom and tilt functions.
  • High (540 line) resolution.
  • Lighting: 65 Deg 65 watt light.

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