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  Other equipment  Down hole / drop camera

The SUBZ NZ drop camera is a lightweight and compact system that is powered by a  rechargeable battery that will last up to 6 hours

Major applications of this system include debris recovery , propeller and hull inspections, search and rescue

Its non aquatic uses include drains, architectural surveying, mechanical inspection applications etc

 The camera features a high resolution black and white or color CCD camera  as well as high power  LEDs that allow you to see up to 3-4 meters ahead in complete darkness. Its wide angle lens provides maximum coverage

On a particular job on an offshore platform, we were asked to inspect a salt water pump caisson. Debris was found within its lower section at a water depth of 60 meters and was subsequently recovered as you will see from the image

This successful recovery was performed in good time saving major costs       

Below:At 60 meters looking down on one of the last anodes about to be recovered -during this operation the lower section of this caisson was open to the effect of a 3 meter swell






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