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Using an ROV for underwater inspections is both desirable and cost effective in locations where extensive penetration and depths are problematic.

Subz NZ provides ROV services suited for the inspection of civil structures requiring long penetrations, entry into confined spaces, limited visibility, and/or the need to both inspect and map defects on large surface areas.

Specific applications

  • Surveying including structural, archeological, and aquatic growth.
  • Inspections of ships’ hulls and mooring points.
  • Collection of samples and data for studies (including water and sediment).
  • Working in confined spaces such as large drains, pipelines and tanks.
  • Lake and reservoir surveys
  • Underwater recovery
  • Custom made tooling systems to suit specific projects.
  • A variety of instrumentation can be deployed for projects such as Ultrasonic Measurement and Flaw Detection

Example of R.O.V use for Potable Water tank inspection

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